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If you've ever looked at the Maskcara Beauty website, you know that EVERYTHING they make is absolutely beautiful!

Functional + durable + beautiful = one heck of a combo!

It's no surprise that our makeup brushes are some of the best in the industry! All of them are double-sided and come with a one year warranty.


While we've got a brush for everything imaginable (see below), today I am going to tell you all about our brushes used for your eyes!

This brush is a double-ended eye shadow brush perfect for all eye shadow techniques! The smaller end is perfect for applying pigmented color, smudging eyeshadow, or lining your eyes.

The fluffier end is amazing for washing eyeshadow color over your eyes/lids, blending & softening colors.

It's amazing for creating anything from an ombre look to a smokey eye!


Hotline Brush (Hello, brows!)

For effortlessly defined brows, this brush is your bestie!

The newest addition to our double-ended brush collection features an angled, flat end perfect for creating thin, hair-like strokes. Use the spoolie end to blend and set your brows for a flawless finish.

The Hotline brush is the microblade precision you’ve been looking for.


The Blend and Tap features a soft and dense rounded end to apply eyeshadow right where you want it with intensity and precision, and a small domed end to blur shades and smudge lines like an expert.

Take your look from soft and subtle to bold and dramatic and create the perfect smoky eye with this must-have brush.


This, my friends, is the brush for everything & everyone!

Use the small pointed end for concealing tough acne, lining lips and filling in brows.

The flat, wider end is perfect for concealing under your eyes, shaping around your brows, and applying color to your lips!


Too hard to decide on just one??? Luckily, we've got a brush bundle that includes 7 Maskcara double-ended brushes! Check it out here!

Feel free to message me with any questions. I'm on IG at @southernvibesmama




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