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3 Gorgeous Ways to Use Blush

What I absolutely love about Maskcara's Blush (also called Lip + Cheek) is that it is SO versatile! Here are 3 of my favorite ways to use our beautiful shades!

1. On Your Cheeks

Apply our blendable cream blush to the apples of your cheeks for a beautiful flush.

Feel free to add more to make it bold or blend it out for a more subtle look (that's the beauty of cream... it's buildable)

2. On Your Lips

Apply our creamy lip + cheek shades to your lips for a pop of color. I love to apply a bright shade and top it off with our MILK Lip Conditioner for an all-day lip stain effect! 

3. On Your Eyes

Blush on your eyes??? Yes! You have to try it! Cream blush makes the perfect eyeshadow. You can use it for a full eyeshadow look or apply a quick layer to your eyes if you are going for something fast & easy or minimal that day! 

Check out our amazing collection of colors below! 


Marlee  p.s. Did you know that shipping is ALWAYS FREE with Maskcara? No matter how small or large your order, you will never pay for shipping with us! We see you, Amazon Prime! 


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