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Hands Down the BEST Brush Cleaner you Will Ever Find!

Dirty makeup brushes are not only a drag, they are AWFUL for your skin!

If you aren't cleaning your brushes enough, you are spreading dirt and bacteria from your face onto your makeup, and then back to your face.

Gross, right?

Ready for some magic? This Houdini Brush Cleaner will literally cleanse your makeup brushes right before your eyes with NO DRY TIME! Not only does Houdini smell amazing and sanitize your brushes, it also conditions the bristles of your brushes to keep them looking and feeling like new! Check out the video below...

Houdini Brush Cleaner is a spray specifically engineered to dissolve bacteria and remove makeup residue from your brushes quickly and easily!

Here's how simple it is to use: Spritz the end of your brush (you can use this spray with ANY brushes, not just Maskcara brushes) with the Houdini spray (a little goes a long way!) and gently brush it back and forth on a cloth or paper towel (I personally use a microfiber cloth that I then just throw in the wash) until it brushes clean. There's no down time for drying like with washing your brushes. It's amazing! Do yourself and your skin a favor and clean those brushes, y'all!!!



p.s. Did you know that shipping is ALWAYS free with Maskcara? No matter how big or small your order, you will never pay for shipping! Check out all of our goodies here!


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