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5 Reasons You Should Start Thrift Shopping

If you aren't thrift shopping, here's a quick inside scoop as to why you should start...

1) Not only is it GREAT for your wallet (check out my recent finds below), it is GREAT for the planet

Think about it, less pollution, less wasted resources, and less clothing in landfills! According to this UC Berkeley article, "Studies have shown that 60 percent of the clothes made worldwide are made from synthetic materials (e.g. polyester, nylon, acrylic) a.k.a. plastic. When thrown away, they often sit in landfills for hundreds of years, if not forever." Also, I had no idea how much water went into clothing production, but according to that same article, one pair of jeans takes roughly 1,800 gallons of water to make. Y'all, that is crazy. Think about the impact you can make simply by thrifting some of your clothes, shoes, etc.

2) Speaking of being great for the wallet, you can find AMAZING deals

I found all 4 of these fall sweaters for $12 total!!! Check out them on and in action HERE!

I am talking a fraction of the price deals! That brown sweater is a 100% cashmere Tahari sweater that was in like-new condition. It was FOUR DOLLARS. Retail, cashmere sweaters can be easily over $100.

+ plaid button-up $1.99

+ cashmere @tahari_official sweater $3.99

+ brown vintage sweater $3.99

+ white vintage sweater $1.99

(Yay for color of the week, aka half-priced, finds 💗) Check it out!

It's not uncommon to find gorgeous clothes (even some designer) brand-new with tags!

3) An always changing selection

Honestly, a lot of my love for thrifting comes from the thrill of it. There's a new selection every time you go in and you never know what deal you're going to find. The beauty of thrifting is that you can expect to see completely different items at your local thrift store from one week to the next.

4) Thrifting lets you explore unique styles and build a diverse wardrobe

Thrift shops have a much more diverse assortment of clothing than any other retail store. Fashion is recurrent and often repetitive which leads to many designers trying to mimic the looks of different decades. At thrift stores, you can often find clothes from those decades that are making a come-back!

Do you love adding unexpected pieces to your clothing collection? Need an outfit for a fun themed party? Are you a postpartum mama like me and constantly changing sizes so you don't want to buy brand-new clothes for just a month or two of wear? Do you love rotating outfits and always incorporating new items? TRY OUT THRIFTING, FRIENDS!

5) Thrift stores have something for EVERYONE!

Not only do I find tons of stuff for myself thrifting, I LOVE shopping for my husband, kids, and even friends. Got a bestie who loves a certain sports team? How cool to find a vintage Duke hat! Kids growing out of clothes at an awkwardly rapid pace? Buy 18 month PJs for next-to-nothing and donate them back as soon as they outgrown them. Got a coach for a husband (lol)? Buy amazing skinny ties dirt cheap! Need new furniture or home decor? Find and buy pieces for low prices and paint or customize them! Also, holidays are around the corner - White Elephant, anyone? Thrift store finds are the BEST for this!

So tell me, do you ever go thrifting? If not, what's holding you back? If so, what is your favorite thing to thrift?

Happy searching, I mean, shopping!



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