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Goodbye "Man Cave," Hello Family-Friendly Entertainment Space that Everyone Will Love

We have all heard of the term “man cave,” but when you search for a family entertainment area, it’s really hard to find ideas and inspiration. I’m not exactly sure why this is, but I am here to fix that! Here are a few quick & easy ideas to create a family-friendly entertainment space:

Add In Family-Friendly Furniture

Think: a large soft sectional paired with a round coffee table. Make sure that the sectional is either leather, or a fabric that can easily come clean (they have wipeable fabrics now!). Using this fabric and a round coffee table, you are making sure that the room is kid-proofed and safe for energetic children. The sectional also provides the ideal spot for snuggling up for family movie nights. Pull in an overarching floor lamp for a stylish and sturdy lighting source that’s perfect for story time or for late-night reading for the adults!

Or this could be a room full of fun and unique functional furniture like bean bags and round couches that are extra cozy! Make sure you have comfy pillows and super soft blankets!

Give The Kids Their Own Space

While I love making a room for all family members, I also love giving the kids their own space. You can create a kid-zone in a living space by setting up a corner in each room. So, in the main space, maybe set up a bookshelf with a play tent like this. This defines an area that is all theirs. You can also create bins around that area so that you can easily store stuffed toys, games, and books when they are not in use for a quick solution that keeps everyday clutter contained. Another solution? If you have an extra room, make that their own play area so that you do not have to worry about cluttering up your other rooms (not that they won’t bring their toys into the room you are in, ha!).

Add Fun Games

It’s not a family-friendly entertainment space without games, right?! So, think about what you want to add in and then grab everything for your space. A TV, a game system, cards, board games, a billiards table, and more. The pool table will add a huge ‘wow’ effect when your guests come over and it’s a great, fun game to play - with or without the kids. If you are looking for an affordable table, or if you need pool table supplies in Atlanta, look up Absolute Billiard Services! They have pool tables for sale (used and new) and bring 17 years of experience to Georgia. They are a full-service billiard company focused on providing master-quality work matched with exceptional customer service. They move, recover, assemble, disassemble, calibrate, and repair all makes and models of pool tables, including antiques.

They are definitely the go-to company in Atlanta for moving pool tables. They mention: “With over 17 years of moves behind us, we’ve seen virtually every type of billiard table out there, so feel free to inquire about our experience servicing antique and custom pool tables. The owner takes pride in inspecting every table during each step of its reassembly, ensuring your pool table is properly calibrated for tournament-quality play. Operating from the North Georgia area, we regularly service all of Atlanta and into the areas of South Georgia, Macon/LaGrange, and Athens. All pool tables are tournament leveled with a machinist level (ABSOLUTELY the most accurate method, period.). They use a 14 foot box truck that has been customized specifically for moving tables safely and securely. Absolute Billiard Services carries a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy that protects your home while they are working on your property. They also carry $10,000 in Inland Marine Insurance, also known as Cargo Insurance, which is SO important. Most pool table movers do NOT carry this insurance. Inland Marine Insurance covers your pool table when it is being transported as cargo.”

There are lots of games to consider when picking them out for your family-friendly entertainment space, so pick wisely!

A Mini Fridge or Make Shift Bar Area

What's entertaining without drinks? Mini fridges are actually pretty affordable and not only increase functionality of an entertaining space but also spruce it up aestethically. Check out this one for less than $200 at Best Buy.

You can make a fun bar area with a bar cart or even a DIY upcycled buffet/credenza you find from the thrift store or FB marketplace.

Here is a fun article full of ideas for decorating bar carts to meet your desired style!

Utilize Small Details

Every accent counts when you’re working with a space that has multiple functions. A versatile round coffee table (like we talked about before) allows for more walking room and baskets are totable storage pieces that can corral extra blankets and even toys if you have kids. Plus, it also adds a touch of decor to the room and looks awesome! Look for accent furniture like a side table with a built-in lamp that adds both function and unique style. The small details that you put in can look great AND double for use. For example, a built-in shelving unit that spans an entire wall. This not only looks amazing and is an accent piece, but there’s more than enough storage to accommodate all the needs of the family room and beyond. It’s a storage and entertainment center that’s an investment piece, but it gives you everything you need—a display case for books and favorite objects that’s also a cabinet that lets you conceal bigger items and clutter.

What's your favorite room in the house?



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