5 Ways to Dress Up Your Front Porch This Fall

This morning, I woke up to cool air rushing through my back windows. It was such a happy feeling it got me really excited for fall weather that is headed our way. One thing that everyone does in the fall is sprucing up their front porch! Even if it is just to add pumpkins and broomsticks, their front porch does get some attention...which doesn’t always happen!

So, since I know that a lot of you are in the market for a dressed up porch, I wanted to give you some tips on how you can dress up your front porch easily! Here are a few things that you could do:

Add A Touch Of Coziness

When I think of fall, the very first thing I think of is perfect weather (re: cool weather blowing through my windows). Not too hot, not too cold, and just right for sitting on the front porch with a blanket, a cup of apple cider, and a good book or daily devotional! Of course, to make this experience as great as it sounds, you don’t want to be sitting on the hard floor of your porch. That’s why every great front porch needs a comfortable chair for sitting in on those perfect days. Add a little table for sitting your fall necessities on and you are good to go!

For Halloween this year, if you are participating, you need to think a little more practically. That table can sport Halloween goody bags so that kids can just grab and go instead of digging their hands in bowl after bowl.

I love this set from Wayfair and you could totally add some cute gourds and fall inspired pillows like these from Amazon!

Welcome Mat A welcome mat is just the thing to tie together everything on your front porch, and greet any visitors you might have throughout the fall season. Try to select a welcome mat that is fall-themed (for example, one that has pumpkins, leaves, etc. on it) to get your guests in the spirit of the season. Not only will it welcome your guests, but it will keep your home and floor nice and clean!

How cute is this one from Target???

Y'all know I love me some wine so this one is calling my name and would match with any decor!

Spruce Up Your Front Door

The main aspect of a front porch? The door! There are a few ways that you can spruce it up: get a new door completely, add a storm door, add a wreath, paint your door, or you could even add a bronze ornamental door knocker, which I found at East Point Foundry! They have beautiful options that can elevate the look of your door, but that is not all the offer. They also offer custom plaques, nameplates, castings, sculptings, lettering, and even bronze pet memorials. Their pet memorials are amazing! Hand-cast in solid bronze or in aluminum (with a black background and silver polished letters) for a lifetime reminder of your companion. They also include a stake for outdoor placement, if it’s preferred. It truly would be a great way to remember your beloved pet each day.

East Point Foundry has been around since the 1940’s! They truly understand American made craftsmanship and their products are extremely high-quality. Not only does their work speak for itself, but they also have amazing clients and amazing reviews. They work with customers such as the US Army, The University of Alabama, Georgia Tech, and The National Park Service. When you are going through their reviews, you are sure to find amazing ones, as well. Here is one from Google: “East Point Foundry is a locally owned gem producing quality, sand-cast bronze plaques and more. Working with them was easy, designs were quickly turned around and our bronze memorial plaque was completed ahead of scheduled delivery. Locally owned, old-world craft, friendly service, quality product!”

So, next time you need to spruce up your front door, look into their customized ornamental knockers.

Clean Off Your Porch Furniture

If you already have outdoor furniture on your porch, make sure it is all ready to go for fall by cleaning it. While this can be a tedious task, it will be well worth it when your porch looks clean and inviting on those crisp mornings when you just want to relax outside. Having a neat, organized, and clean front porch can make your house look overall cleaner and more inviting to bypassers.

Don’t Forget The Plants And Flowers

There is nothing that I love more than a pop of color on a porch. Greenery, fall plants, or other subtle color looks great. Here are a few ideas:

-Place an urn (or two if you've got the space) on the porch filled with flowers. In the winter, you can exchange summer greenery for winter displays.

-Use hanging baskets full of summer flowers to add a burst of color.

-Dot the porch with potted plants and flowers. Use a variety of container and plant sizes to create visual interest. Be sure not to overdo it and clutter things up though. Choose containers that blend in with the surroundings.

-Attach flower boxes to windows and railings and fill them with vibrant flowers.

-Buy a variety of pumpkins and gourds and stage them.

Happy decorating!