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Home Splurges You Should Say Yes to When Building, Buying or Renovating

When you start building a home, you probably have all of these ideas and don’t know where to start. What is worth splurging on? What should you save on? These were questions that we asked ourselves when we first started, but we have slowly but surely figured it out. The good thing about my list? It applies to so many people, no matter if you are building, buying, renovating, etc. When upgrading a home, looking at homes, or building a home, I figure out the “good” splurges by narrowing it down by not only what I like, but what will also improve our lives and the home value over time. Here are a few home splurges to make when buying, building, or renovating:

High-Quality Appliances

You could invest in lower cost appliances, but how does that fare for you down the road? My friend purchased a certain lower-end appliance brand when she bought her home in 2015 and she has had SO MANY ISSUES. Instead of opting for the cheaper, more trendy options, go for really high-end appliances that will last forever.

You may be spending more money initially, but down the road, you will save a lot of money and frustration. A few tips for those with kids: the three row dishwasher is fantastic for baby bottles and other baby items. There are many refrigerators that have drawers that are accessible to kids, to store snacks so they can grab and go.

Upgraded Countertops

Some stone is extremely durable and easy to clean and as a new homeowner, that is the stone you want for your countertops! For example, Quartz countertops are practically maintenance free and Quartz is extremely durable and resistant. On top of that, Quartz does not need to be sealed like other stone because it is non-porous. Marble countertops are gorgeous, but they do stain extremely easily, so it may not be the best option with children. Your best bet might be to find a Quartz countertop that looks like marble instead.

Looking for a place to start researching? Check out Click Countertops, based out of Alpharetta, GA! They have 20+ years of experience and they are committed to making the process of buying countertops easy. They aim to save you time, money, and headaches! The Click Countertops “system” is different from most - in a great way! It is 100% customer-focused and they claim to make the process “Amazon easy.” They are very passionate about creating exceptional customer experiences and building relationships that transcend.

With traditional contractors, you might find a lack of professionalism, communication, and service. This leads to frustration and a lot of stress - especially if you are building a home! Luckily for you, Click Countertops has years of experience and thousands of jobs under their belt. What could be a frustration process is made easy, stress-free, and even fun by Click Countertops! If you are looking for quartz countertops in Alpharetta Georgia, look no further than Click Countertops!

Flooring Built for Little Ones

This is essential with kids and animals if you have any. While wood is definitely the most traditional option, think outside the box and look into other possibilities like laminate and tile, which have become much more trendy as of late. I have seen a commercial about laminate flooring - the kids are running around dropping things and there is tons of water and soap all over the floor. This is what a parent needs! I know that they now make water-resistant laminate, high traffic laminate, noise resistant laminate, and more. Tile is also great because it is very easy to clean and it is more of a higher-end option, which can increase the value of your home. It is also very water resistant (most are, at least), so you do not have to worry about that!

Outdoor Space

My favorite home splurge? A really great outdoor space! Think: large, covered space with an outdoor kitchen. Plenty of green space for kids and animals. Maybe even a pool (one can dream, right??). You could get as fancy or as basic as you want with this, but money is never wasted when investing in an outdoor area. We do a lot of entertaining in our family, so having a wonderful outdoor space that can accommodate large crowds is a must-have for us. While we will probably DIY some things, there is a lot we will splurge on too!


Kids need a space where they are able to run around to release their stored up energy. A basement is perfect because it gives them a space to do so. A basement adds so much room to a house and it is so useful when it is finished. In addition to making your basement a kid space, you can also add an extra bedroom to the basement, create an office, make a movie room, a workout room, or have a room for storage. It is beneficial in many ways! If a basement is a no-go, I highly recommend finding somewhere for a designated playroom. Especially if you have an open concept floor plan and want a place to store all of your kid's toys (ok let's be honest, all of their crap haha)!

Happy building/planning/renovating/buying to each of you!


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